San Francisco Travel Notes – Japantown, Pacific Heights and Marina

November 16th, 2015  | Category: Restaurants, Travel

San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge

The moment I arrive at my hotel in San Francisco, I throw my suitcases into the room, wash my face and I’m out the door. I don’t care how tired and swollen I get after a 14-hour flight. There is no time to waste.

Out of the hotel, I take a right. Twenty steps later, I’m standing in front of the coziest and best manicured public park my eyes have ever seen. I gaze at the empty bench and start dreaming of the afternoons I’ll spend there, reading a book while Linda, my Airedale Terrier, sits quietly by my side.

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Dandelion Chocolate + Great News!

June 26th, 2015  | Category: Chocolate, Travel

Dandelion Chocolate - S'mores

The plans I had for my San Francisco trip… I was hoping to have breakfast at Tartine, lunch at Pizzeria Delfina, dinner at Zuni, ice cream at Bi-Rite Creamery & Humphry Slocombe and several coffees throughout the day at Blue Bottle EVERY SINGLE DAY. Then, I was going to visit every vintage store and photograph every mural in town, beg the lady at Cookin! for discounts, take photos of every corner of my old neighborhood to create a humongous panoramic photo for one of the walls at home, buy a luggage-full of vintage cookbooks at Omnivore, eat at In-N-Out Burger on my way to and back from Carmel and arrange a private showing to see my dream future home in Big Sur (if my cookbook sells two million more copies, I’ll be able to afford it!). Oh, and beg, cry and sleep at Nepenthe‘s doorstep to convince them to adopt me – just in case my cookbook doesn’t sell millions of copies. All these in two weeks.

I never even entered Tartine, had pizza at Delfina and lunch at Zuni only once, inhaled many (but never enough) scoops of salted caramel ice cream from Bi-Rite Creamery and managed to cross off about 1% of the murals. And not just because there wasn’t enough time or that I was the designated tour guide of a very ambitious party of four, but also because the city is full of new places to explore. It’s been almost five years since my last visit. The list of my new favorites is so long, it’s impossible to put all of them into a single post. I wanted to start off with my most favorite place: Dandelion Chocolate.

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