Sourdough Starter – Day 6

January 28th, 2012  | Category: Bread

Sourdough Starter - Day 6

You might remember from yesterday’s post… The sourdough starter rose by approximately quarter of an inch after the feeding. Looking at it today, I see that it didn’t rise much after that.

The crust is a bit darker and drier. I peel the crust and it’s bubbly underneath.

The stinky cheese smell is almost gone. It started smelling like fresh milk.

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Sourdough Starter – Day 5

January 27th, 2012  | Category: Bread

Sourdough Starter - Day 5

Same as yesterday. The sourdough starter dried out on top, but it doesn’t look like a crust.

The rise isn’t significant. Still smells acidic, but not as strong as days 3 and 4.

The starter is much thicker today, so I decide to keep the water ratio low.

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