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The Ferry Plaza Farmers Market

It’s Sunday in ─░stanbul. 01:55 AM to be exact. I just churned an amazing strawberry ice cream. After eight trials, I think I’ve finally nailed it. I’ll go to bed in a few minutes and pray for clear skies. And in about seven hours, right after my first coffee, I’ll start the day with a strawberry ice cream photo shoot for the book. After that, I’ll take another stab at the upside-down cake recipe I’ve been playing around with for almost two months now. If I’m lucky, another two hours of photo shoot will follow. I’ll take a 15-minute lunch break, then pick a recipe from the “crazy ideas list” (the best recipes almost always originate from that list). I have a great idea for the hot chocolate I prepared yesterday. I just have to make it again and see if I’m right. I’ll be sending out a dozen of recipes to the testers on Monday, so I’ll take a final look and get them ready. With whatever time I have left, I’ll plan for the following day, prepare whatever I can in advance and go to bed.

I can do this for a lifetime. I can’t even imagine doing something else, somewhere else. But right now, which is a Saturday in Francisco, there’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather be than the farmers market at the Ferry Plaza.

Here are a few photos I took almost two years ago. And if you’re strolling through the market as I’m publishing this post, I hope you know how good you have it.