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November 17th, 2009  | Category: Memoir/Meme/Misc.

Cafe Fernando Fotoğraf Blogu Narlar

In the past couple of weeks, there had been some changes to Cafe Fernando. Have you noticed? The photos got much bigger, categories have been refined, archive pages are so much easier to navigate now and several tags have been added to each post, which help narrow down results while doing a search or going through the archives.

Plus, there’s something new! I might have ruined the surprise with a few test posts I’ve already published, but act surprised anyways, will you?

I have a new photo blog!

I always feel guilty when I check the date on my last post and realize that it has been ages since I’ve posted something new. Unfortunately, my workload leaves me very little time and I’ve come to realize that I will not be posting daily recipes anytime soon.

I’ve been thinking of ways on how to update my blog more frequently. I wish I had time to cook everyday, but I can’t. I wish I had time to cook everyday, weigh ingredients and take notes while I do it and snap beautiful photos before I dug in. That is quite impossible, too.

But there is something I always create time for: taking photos. Give me a bowl of pomegranates and I’ll snap away for hours on end.

Cafe Fernando Fotoğraf Blogu Levazım

What do I when the neighbor’s kid wakes me up with her torturous piano practice at an ungodly hour on a Sunday morning? I sit on my balcony and take photos of the view. I have photos of the view above in every weather condition, light and color imaginable.

We wouldn’t want all those photos to go to waste, right? So from now on, Cafe Fernando has an entire section devoted to photography. The posts for the Photography section will not display on the front page. You would have to visit my new photo blog by clicking on the link on the new menu right under the header (please refresh your page if you can’t see it) or the photography categories on the sidebar.

Or you can simply bookmark it right now and visit everyday. I promise to post frequently.

As far as following my new photography blog via RSS, you don’t need to do anything if you’re already subscribed to my blog’s feed. New photos will appear in my blog’s RSS. If you subscribe to Cafe Fernando via e-mail, you’ll automatically receive them, too.

So head over to my new photo blog and have a look. Hope you like it.

Cafe Fernando Fotoğraf Blogu Ortaköy

On a different note, I am going on vacation for 5 days. Not too far away, but far enough to take a breath from work. I’ll eat amazing food, take thousands of photos, roam the flea markets for dirt cheap props and hope to be on a sugar-high for the duration of the trip.

I’ll tell you all about it when I get back.

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  1. 1 - Chiara VALERIO-NICOLAOU on November 18th, 2009

    Cenk, if you are coming to Paris, please let me know.
    Your pictures are really good and the sky of Istanbul is in my heart forever, you help refreshing the colors.
    Take care and have a nice break.

  2. 2 - SarahJ on November 18th, 2009

    Enjoy the time off and share the pictures, and I’d love to see more of the view from your apartment. The light is amazing.

  3. 3 - Ayse on November 18th, 2009

    Amazing shots!!!

  4. 4 - Leesa Garcia on November 21st, 2009

    Hey there!!

    What a FABULOUS idea and I know that all of your readers will be very excited to hear about your photo blog… HOWEVER, when I clicked on the link you highlighted… It didn’t take me to your new blog… Aww…..
    Have a great vacation and I cannot WAIT to see all of your cool props and pics…
    Take care,

  5. 5 - Dinners & Dreams on November 22nd, 2009

    Cenk, I love your pictures. Those pomegranates look like they’re about to speak–figuratively of course:)


  6. 6 - Mrs Ergül on November 24th, 2009

    Congrats on having a new photo blog! I will make sure I visit often! The view out of your balcony is beautiful!

  7. 7 - pierre on November 25th, 2009

    well at least if you do not coook you shoot !! and very good shooting I must say ! I agree with you kids should always practice between 1and 2 am !!
    see you on our respective blogs (I must have more time than you and I cook !)
    cheers from wonderful Paris France

  8. 8 - Cenk on November 27th, 2009

    Leesa – Some of the plugins were causing the problem. Fixed now. Thanks for letting me know. Enjoy.

  9. 9 - Cenk on November 27th, 2009

    Chiara – I’m back and just read your comment. Maybe next time? Photos soon…

  10. 10 - joey on December 8th, 2009

    Your photos are gorgeous Cenk! Congratulations on the new photo blog! 🙂

  11. 11 - J2Kfm on December 12th, 2009

    Hi there. your HDR shots look very good. Almost epic. I am learning how to process them.

  12. 12 - Ilke on January 5th, 2012

    Love the Istanbul picture. Hope you post more pictures of the city I love so much. I would like to save and make them wallpaper on my computer to help with the long work hours. At least I can say that I am working towards more trips to my city 🙂

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