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February 11th, 2011  | Category: Memoir/Meme/Misc.

Cafe Fernando iPad Application 14

I am proud to introduce Cafe Fernando’s new iPad application!

This one is a bit different than the iPhone version. The iPad application comes with two packages. The first one, called “Best of Cafe Fernando” is free of charge and consists of the most popular recipes from the archive, including the Devil’s Food Cake, Momofuku Milk Bar’s Cereal Milk Ice Cream, L’Orange, Brownies My Way, Hazelnut Butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chicken Caesar Salad, Oatmeal Sandwich Bread and the most popular post ever Peanut Butter, Banana and Chocolate Toast.

Just in time for the Valentine’s Day is the second package, which includes a few never-before-published recipes such as the Strawberry Fortress Cake you see above. This second package includes 10 recipes in total and costs only 99 cents.

Let’s take a look at the application now!

For this iPad application as well as the previous iPhone version, I’ve partnered with the same agency: Project House. They’re based in Istanbul and one of the hardest working partners I’ve ever had. Again, a huge thanks to the team at Project House for making this possible.

Cafe Fernando iPad Application

Right after you install the iPad application, you’ll see the available packages on the welcome screen. At the moment, there are only two packages, and I’ll be adding new ones in the future.

You select the package you like and it takes you to its main page.

Cafe Fernando iPad Application 2

Best of Cafe Fernando includes the most popular recipes from my archive.

Cafe Fernando iPad Application 3

And here’s the Valentine’s Day package.

Cafe Fernando iPad Application 14

I created this Strawberry Fortress Cake just for the iPad application. Vanilla buttercream between moist vanilla genoise cake layers, topped with marinated strawberries and decorated with pink chocolate strips. You are going to love it.

On the package’s main page, you’ll see an icon that displays “download” on the bottom right. You have to download the package to access the recipes and photos (only once and they’ll be yours forever). The next time you log in, it will display “enter” instead of download.

Cafe Fernando iPad Application 12

Once you download the package, you can scroll left or right to navigate through the recipes.

Cafe Fernando iPad Application 4

Whenever you click on a photo, it will display the ingredients and method on the right hand side.

This is also how you access the main menu for the application.

Cafe Fernando iPad Application 5

There’s the main menu on top with the following icons: “Recipes”, “Search”, “Favorites” and “Shopping List”.

Cafe Fernando iPad Application 6

The “Recipes” and “Search” buttons are pretty self explanatory.

Cafe Fernando iPad Application 7

“Recipes” button displays all the recipes for any given package and the Search bar lets you browse through the recipes for any keyword you enter.

Cafe Fernando iPad Application 8

Next to them are the “Favorite” and “Shopping List” icons.

Cafe Fernando iPad Application 10

In order to add the recipes into these lists, you have to use the icons on the bottom menu with red “+” signs next to them. And once you’ve added recipes into these sections you can always click on the red button next to the photos to delete them from the list.

Cafe Fernando iPad Application 9

The “Shopping List” feature, which you might be familiar with from the iPhone version, transfers the list of ingredients for any given recipe into the shopping cart, so you can see what you need to buy as you push your cart through the aisles. That means: No more printing recipes! And as you put the ingredients into your “real” shopping cart, you check them off the list and they disappear.

Also included on the bottom menu are icons that let you share the recipes via Facebook and Twitter.

I’m sure, as soon as you read this post, you’ll download the application, choose a recipe, click on the Twitter button and share my new application with all your followers :)

After you click on the Twitter icon, it directs you to a Twitter login page, and then an automatic message appears for you to tweet.

Cafe Fernando iPad Application 11

And of course, an about page, in case you don’t know who I am :)

Cafe Fernando iPad Application 13

Now visit the iTunes store and download my new iPad application! Hope you enjoy.

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  1. 1 - Cherine on February 12th, 2011

    Cool, will definitely download it :)

  2. 2 - ruth on February 12th, 2011

    Congrats on your new ipad launch! Love the design and that strawberry cake looks amazing.

  3. 3 - Mel on February 12th, 2011

    So great! Always excited to see a new blog post from you. Congrats on your news :)

  4. 4 - justine on February 12th, 2011

    Congrats! I think I’ll take a stab at that strawberry cake recipe. It looks wonderful.

  5. 5 - ugur on February 12th, 2011

    Looks amazing Cenk! Congratulations…

  6. 6 - Jane on February 12th, 2011

    This is so cool. Congrats!!!

  7. 7 - Morry E. on February 12th, 2011

    I don’t have an ipad but now I can’t wait to get one :) Looks like you’ve done an amazing job. Again. Congrats!

  8. 8 - ozlem on February 12th, 2011

    Wow, first the iphone and then this ipad application… I wonder what other exciting plans you have for us.. Keep up the good work and congrats.

  9. 9 - Sema on February 12th, 2011

    cenk bey nolur türkçesini mutlaka yapın harika birşeye benziyor bizi de düşünün

  10. 10 - gregw on February 12th, 2011

    BIG congrats!! You must be very proud. Looking forward to your new projects.

  11. 11 - Camille on February 12th, 2011

    I just discovered your blog through Fine Cooking mag, came to say what amazing recipes you have and saw this. Looks awesome! Congrats!

  12. 12 - Debbie H. on February 12th, 2011

    Hi … Just downloaded you app! Love the look … But only have 5 recipes. Was expecting 10 … Is there a secret?

    Thanks ……

  13. 13 - Cenk on February 12th, 2011

    Thanks everyone for your kind words! Glad you guys liked the application.

    Debbie H. – There are 20 recipes in the “Best of Cafe Fernando” package and 10 more in the “Valentine’s Day Recipes”. If you’re seeing only 5, then something must have gone wrong during the download of the packages. I would recommend removing the application (press and hold the icon on your ipad until it starts to wiggle and tap on the x button to remove) and installing it again. Hope this solves the problem. And after that, if you’re still seeing only 5 recipes, please do let me know and I will ask the agency for another possible solution.

  14. 14 - Debbie H. on February 12th, 2011

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply! Reinstalling did the trick! The photographs are beautiful! Thank you for inspiring me to try recipes I thought might be beyond my capabilities.

  15. 15 - Jyoti on March 3rd, 2011

    Wow! Amazing! My blog is still in its infancy stages but I was thinking about creating an app for my friends to use (since my friends are my only readers, haha)

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